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Helena Dalli, EU Commissioner for Equality

"Cities and local communities contribute to fostering a sense of belonging and the sharing of common values. Where diversity is elevated as a priority, it is also a source of richness and innovation. With the Inclusion and Diversity awards, outstanding work implemented by communities and cities will be recognised and highlighted as an inspiration for others"

Helena Dalli, EU Commissioner for Equality

Role of the award

European capitals of inclusion and diversity As part of the commitment to foster more inclusive and fair societies in Europe, the Commission launched the European Capitals of Inclusion and Diversity Award. This new initiative complements the annual EU Diversity Month, which raises awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and across our societies.

The award is one of the deliverables of the EU anti-racism action plan and LGBTIQ Equality Strategy 2020-2025 and it shows how action at all levels is essential if we want to turn the tide and build a Union of Equality.

The first edition of the Award is now open for applications until 15 February 2022. For more information, visit our website dedicated to the EU Diversity initiatives in 2022 available in all official EU languages – with a dedicated section on the European Capitals of Inclusion and Diversity Award including link to the online application form.