Role of the Platform

The EU Platform of Diversity Charters was created in 2010 under the initiative of and with funding from the European Commission. The Platform offers a place for existing European Diversity Charters (currently 26) to exchange and share experience and good practices more easily through Platform meetings, expert seminars and annual high level forums.

Diversity Charters encourage organisations (NGOs, public bodies, private companies…) to develop and implement diversity and inclusion policies. By signing a charter, the organisation voluntarily commits to promote diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace, regardless of, for example, age, disability, gender, race or ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation. Becoming a signatory to a Diversity Charter provides for example access to vast peer network, publications and supporting tools for benchmarking, measuring and monitoring.

Through the platform, promoters can meet regularly, to share their experience and develop common tools.

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Sharing good practices

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Examples of some of the many extraordinary solidarity actions done by the signatories since the start of the COVID19 pandemic

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