About the charter

The Diversity Charter Cyprus (DCC) was developed in 2019 and is officially represented and managed by the Center for Social Innovation Ltd. (www.csicy.com).

It was locally launched on the 28th January 2019, with its first honorary signatory being the Cyprus Telecommunications Agency (CYTA), and officially launched (EU representation) on the 25th September 2020, within the framework of the 2nd Diversity in Business International Conference 2020.


The signatories of the Diversity Charter Cyprus include entities from the public and private sector, such as organisations, public authorities, businesses, companies, educational centres and other institutions operating in Cyprus. Today, more than 40 signatories have joined the DCC and more than 10 public authorities offer their support to the Charter.

Some of the DCC supporters include:

Some of the DCC signatories include:


The Center for Social Innovation, as the EU official representative of the Diversity Charter Cyprus aims to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, ensuring equal opportunities for all employees by fostering diversity thinking and implementation of inclusive practices.

Diversity, within the framework of the Diversity Charter Cyprus, is the principle that encourages and provides an opportunity to individuals to fulfil their potential, regardless of their personal uniqueness’s. Cognizant application of the principles of the DCC generates acceptance, support and further development of the employees’ capabilities. This approach results in opportunities to innovate and it enhances the performance, effectiveness and competitiveness of any organisation. Diversity Charter Cyprus offers detailed information and guidelines, encouraging public and private organisations, businesses, companies, institutions and any other type of entity in Cyprus to develop and implement diverse and inclusive policies in the workplace, making it a valuable tool to combat discrimination and promote equality at work.

For more information on the Diversity Charter Cyprus please visit www.csicy.com or the Facebook page @Diversity Charter Cyprus