Roma equality, inclusion and participation in the EU

The new strategic framework for the equality, inclusion and participation of Roma in EU countries and preparation of the post-2020 initiative.

EU Roma national integration strategies up to 2020

Integration strategies to improve living conditions of Roma in EU countries and evaluation of the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies.

Roma inclusion by EU country

Each EU country has its own strategy or policy measures to combat racism and discrimination against and ensure inclusion of its Roma populations.

European Roma Platform & Roma Summits

Information about various meetings to cooperate and exchange experiences.

EU funding for Roma equality, inclusion and participation

Funding opportunities and further information on financing for projects that contribute to Roma inclusion across Europe.

Communication activities to fight discrimination against Roma

The Commission runs communication activities to fight anti-Roma discrimination and stereotypes.

Consultation process

Civil society organisations and international partners participate in consultation processes to monitor the implementation of Roma policies at EU level.