EU funding for Roma integration

For the 2014-2020 period, Denmark will receive €326 million (current prices) in European Social Fund (ESF) and European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funds. At least 50% of this amount will be spent on the ESF, with at least 20% of that going towards the promotion of social inclusion and combating poverty. The latter amount could also finance Roma-related measures.


ESF and ERDF Managing Authorities

Danish Business Authority, Vejlsøvej 29, DK-8600 Silkeborg

More information on Denmark’s regional policy Operational Programmes and social and employment OPs .

Facts and figures

The Council of Europe estimates that there are approximately 5,500 Roma living in Denmark (0.1% of the population). For more data on the situation on Roma in this country, please see the overview published by the European Agency for Fundamental Rights.

National Roma Integration Strategy

Denmark’s policy on the Roma is based on equal treatment, to ensure that the Roma and Travellers have access to all mainstream services.

Denmark’s national Roma integration strategy is not a strategy as such, but rather an integrated set of policy measures within Denmark’s social inclusion policies. The Danish strategy stresses the importance of regular dialogue with major stakeholders concerned with Roma integration, and the involvement of municipal and local authorities.

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Assessment of Denmark’s strategy implementation

In Spring 2014, the Commission assessed the implementation of the national Roma integration strategies in the 4 key areas of education, employment, healthcare and housing, as well as in the fight against discrimination and the use of funding.

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​National contact point

The contact point for the national Roma integration strategy for Denmark is the Ministry for Children, Gender Equality, Integration and Social Affairs

Contact person: Tue Schou Pedersen -