Facts and figures

The Council of Europe estimates that there are approximately 25,000 Roma living in Austria (0.3% of the population). For data relating to this country, see the overview by the Fundamental Rights Agency.

National strategy for Roma integration

Austria’s national strategy is a set of political and legal measures within the framework of a broader social inclusion policy aimed at disadvantaged groups in general. Innovative approaches, such as Roma school assistants and the counselling and training of adults to enhance their employability are supported at a local level.

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Austria’s strategy implementation

In Spring 2014, the Commission adopted its assessment on the progress made in the implementation of the national Roma integration strategies in the 4 key areas of education, employment, healthcare and housing, as well as in the fight against discrimination and the use of funding.

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National contact point

Each EU country is invited to appoint a national contact point for the national Roma integration strategy with the authority to coordinate its development and implementation. In the case of Austria, it is at the Austrian Federal Chancellery.

Person of contact : Susanne Pfanner - susanne.pfanner@bka.gv.at