EU Funding for Roma integration

For the 2014-2020 period, Greece will be allocated a total of €15.11 billion in EU funds, out of which €11.86 billion will come from the European Social Fund (ESF) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). At least 28.1% of this amount will be spent on the ESF, with at least 20% of that going towards promoting social inclusion and combating poverty. The latter amount could also finance Roma-related measures.

Communication in 2015 on the implementation of the EU framework for national Roma integration strategies


ESF managing authority

The co-ordination of managing authority for funds managed by the European Social Funds is the ESF actions coordination and monitoring authority (ΕΥSΕΚΤ).

ERDF managing authorities

  • Ministry of development and competitiveness (OP Western Greece-Peloponnesus, Ionian Islands/OP Central Macedonia, Western Macedonia, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace/ OP Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship/ OP Technical Assistance/ OP Attica/ OP Crete and the Aegean Islands) Thessalia, Sterea Ellada, Ipiros/ OP Crete and the Aegean Islands), Νίκης 5-7, EL-101 80 Αθήνα
  • Special managing service of the operational programme, "Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship" (OP Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship), Mesogeion 56, EL-115 27 Athens
  • Special managing service of the operational programme "Environment – Sustainable Development" (OP environment and sustainable development), Aeroporou Papanastasiou 34,EL-115 27 Athens
  • Special managing service of the operational programme "Reinforcement of accessibility"(OP improvement of accessibility), Koniari 15, EL-114 71 Athens
  • Special managing service of the regional operational programme "technical assistance" (OP technical assistance), Mitropoleos 3, EL-105.57 Athens
  • Special managing service of the regional operational programmes (OP 'Western Greece - Peloponnesus - Ionian Islands/ OP Central Macedonia - Western Macedonia - Eastern Macedonia & Thrace/ OP Attica / OP Thessalia - Sterea Ellada - Ipiros / OP Crete and the Aegean Islands), Nikis 5-7, EL-101 80 Athens
  • Special secretariat for the national strategic reference framework for Greece special service for strategy, planning and evaluation of development programmes, 3 Mitropoleos Street, EL-105 57 Athens

For more information on Greece's operational programmes see ESF OPs and ERDF OPs.

Facts and figures

The Council of Europe estimates that there are approximately 265,000 Roma living in Greece (2.47% of the population).

National Roma Integration Strategy

Greece adopted a national strategic framework for Roma based on the "Integrated action plan for the social integration of Greek gypsies" implemented in 2001-2008. It addresses the key areas of education, employment, healthcare and housing. It also foresees a territorial approach with four main geographical regions where the largest number of the Roma population are concentrated, namely Eastern Macedonia – Thrace, Western Greece, Central Macedonia and Thessaly.

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Assessment of Greece’s strategy implementation

In 2014 the Commission assessed the implementation of the national Roma integration strategies in the 4 key areas of education, employment, healthcare and housing, as well as progress made in the fight against discrimination and in the use of funding.

The European Union and the Roma – Factsheet Greece

National contact point

The National Contact Point for Roma Social Inclusion is the General Secretariat for Social Solidarity and Fight Against Poverty.

Contact person: Mr Georgios Stamatis -,