Roma integration in the EU

EU Roma statistics and national strategies for Roma integration.

Preparing a post-2020 initiative on Roma equality and inclusion

The EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies comes to an end in 2020 and a new initiative is being prepared.

Mid-term evaluation of the EU framework for NRIS

Assessment of the implementation and the achievements of the EU Framework for national Roma integration strategies between 2011 and 2017.

European Platform for Roma inclusion

Information about the European Platform for Roma inclusion and outcomes of recent meetings.

Roma summits

The European Commission regularly organises European Roma Summits, which provide an opportunity to discuss Roma issues at the highest decision-making levels of EU, national and regional authorities, with the involvement of civil society.

Roma integration by EU country

Each EU country has its own strategy or integrated set of policy measures for the inclusion of its Roma populations.

EU funding for Roma integration

Funding opportunities and further information on financing for projects that contribute to Roma integration across Europe.

Communication activities to fight discrimination against Roma

The Commission runs communication activities to fight discrimination and stereotypes against the Roma population.

Twinning activities to promote Roma integration

Local and regional authorities in the EU that promote and encourage Roma integration.