EU funding for Roma integration

EU structural funds in Belgium are handled by 5 managing authorities at 3 levels of government (federal, regional and community). The federal operational programme is the only one with funding specifically earmarked for the Roma.


Facts and figures

The Council of Europe estimates that there are approximately 30,000 Roma living in Belgium (0.29% of the population). For more data on the situation on Roma in this country, please see the overview published by the European Agency for Fundamental Rights.

National strategy for Roma integration

The main objectives of Belgium’s national strategy are to set up a Council for the Roma and Travellers, and a Roma helpdesk in the federal ministry for social inclusion.

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Assessment of Belgium’s strategy implementation

In 2014 the Commission adopted its assessment on the progress made in the implementation of the national Roma integration strategies in the 4 key areas of education, employment, healthcare and housing, as well as in the fight against discrimination and the use of funding.

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National contact point

The national contact point for the national Roma integration strategy in Belgium is the interministerial working group on Roma inclusion.

The portfolio is under the responsibility of the Secretary of State for asylum and migration, social integration and the fight against poverty.

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