In 2018, the Commission carried out a mid-term evaluation of the EU framework for national Roma integration strategies. The evaluation covers the 2011-2017 period and assesses the relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, coordination, equity, sustainability and the EU added value of the framework.

Communication on the midterm evaluation of the EU framework

On 4 December 2018, the Commission published a Communication reporting on the mid-term evaluation of the EU framework. It shows, inter alia, that the EU framework has been key for the development of EU and national instruments and structures promoting Roma inclusion. Education is the area achieving the most progress, especially with an increasing participation of Roma children in early childhood education and declining early school leaving, although segregation remains a challenge. Progress regarding health is limited and there is no improvement when it comes to the access to employment and housing, while some progress has been made in the fight against poverty. Antigypsyism and hate crime against Roma continue to be a matter of high concern.

Staff Working Document

The accompanying staff working document annexed to the Communication contains the full mid-term evaluation as carried out by the Commission services. 

External evaluation study

The evaluation has been informed by an external study requested by the Commission and prepared by ICF Consulting Services Ltd and Milieu.

Synopsis report

Annex 2 of the Staff Working Document contains an overview and the results of all consultation activities carried out in the context of this evaluation. Translations are available here

Report on the open public consultation

The evaluation includes the results of an open public consultation. An overwhelming majority of the respondents think that the situation of Roma is worse than that of non-Roma in particular regarding discrimination, employment and housing. 60 % of respondents said that national, regional and local authorities need EU-support to improve the situation of Roma.