Combating racism and xenophobia

Measures to combat different forms of racism and xenophobia.

Combating antisemitism

EU activities to combat antisemitism including remembrance, education, and legislation.

Combating anti-Muslim hatred

The Commission’s action on tackling anti-Muslim racism, hatred and discrimination.

EU funding to tackle racism and xenophobia

EU provides various ways to obtain funding to combat racism and xenophobia.

The EU Code of conduct on countering illegal hate speech online

The robust response provided by the European Union

EU Anti-racism Action Plan 2020-2025

The Commission’s plan to step up action against racism and achieve a Union of Equality

Consultation process

Civil society organisations participate in consultation processes to monitor the implementation of the EU Anti-racism action plan 2020-2025.

The Commission's Coordinator on combating racism

Tasks of the Commission's Coordinator on combating racism