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  • Sustainable Development Goals

    The EU contributed to the development of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals to address global challenges and leave no one behind.

  • Policy coherence

    The EU aims to minimise contradictions and build synergies between different EU policies to benefit developing countries.

  • Budget support and dialogue with partner countries

    Budget supports are direct financial transfers to the partner country – conditional on policy dialogue, performance assessment and capacity building.

  • International development dialogue

    The European Commission collaborate with a wide range of actors to draw on their expertise and to ensure the highest coordination in development efforts.

  • International gender equality

    International cooperation sets gender equality as one of the priority areas to improve living conditions of women and children around the world.

  • International human rights

    Human rights are defended by political dialogue with countries, aid, development policy and participation in multilateral forums like the United Nations.