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  • Circular economy

    A new circular economy strategy will transform Europe into a more competitive resource-efficient economy, addressing a range of economic sectors.

  • Marine and coastal environment

    EU coastal and marine policy aims to protect and clean up coasts, seas and oceans, and enable us to use them sustainably.

  • Clean air

    Environment legislation covers ambient air quality, industrial emissions and transport-related air policy.

  • Chemicals

    EU policy on chemicals aims to ensure that the chemicals are safe and keep EU industry competitive internationally.

  • Noise pollution

    EU laws aim to avoid, prevent or reduce the harmful effects of environmental noise.

  • Soil quality

    EU countries are committed to reducing soil erosion and increasing organic soil matter.

  • Urban environment

    EU policy aims to help cities and towns manage their areas sustainably.

  • Waste and recycling

    EU waste management policies aim to reduce the environmental and health impacts of waste and improve Europe’s resource efficiency.

  • Water resources

    Protection of water resources is one of the cornerstones of environmental protection in Europe.

  • Endocrine disruptors

    The EU's approach, science and research, international cooperation, next steps, and related links.