• limit climate change by using less energy
  • lower energy costs for consumers - by approximately €465 per household every year
  • create extra revenue for European companies - approximately €55 billion

Energy labelling and ecodesign

Energy labels help consumers choose energy efficient products. The labels are required under the energy labelling directive. Companies can create their own labels for energy efficiency using a range of labelling tools.

The ecodesign directive establishes EU wide minimum energy efficiency standards for various products. This saves manufacturers from having to navigate through multiple national regulations when launching their products. Alternatively, manufacturers can agree on voluntary standards.

Energy labels and ecodesign requirements are both implemented through individual regulations for different product groups, such as heaters, lighting or vacuum cleaners.

Regulations by product

Energy Star

The European Energy Star programme is a voluntary energy labelling scheme for office equipment, such as computers, scanners and servers. It was agreed by the European Union and the United States of America. to co-ordinate energy labeling of office equipment.

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