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  • Living and working in another EU country

    Every EU citizen has the right to live and work in another EU country. The Commission facilitates this 'labour mobility' and coordinates social security systems.

  • Social affairs

    Complementing national policies, the EU confronts poverty and social exclusion and aims to modernise social protection systems.

  • Skills and qualifications

    To bridge the skills gap, the EU seeks to match relevant skills with the right jobs by funding upskilling and bringing together business and educators.

  • Employment

    Promotes job creation, modernisation of labour markets, reduction of unemployment, safe working conditions and equal opportunities in the EU.

  • Health and safety at work

    The EU's legal framework, statistics and committees in the area of health and safety at work

  • Pensions

    The EU has rules on pensions for those who have worked in one or more EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland.