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  • Customs and security

    Customs-related security initiatives of the EU include the concept of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and security cooperation with non-EU countries.

  • Electronic customs

    A vast majority of EU customs declarations for both import and export are now submitted to customs electronically, instead of using paper-format.

  • International trade procedures

    The EU has simplified and harmonised international trade procedures to make it easier for EU business to import and export.

  • International customs cooperation

    The EU signs customs cooperation agreements with its largest trading partners, which often contain provisions on security and simplification of procedures.

  • Customs Code

    The European Union's basic customs legislation is contained in the Customs Code and the Code's implementing provisions.

  • Calculation of customs duties

    A standard set of rules has been created for establishing the value of goods, which is used to calculate customs duties.

  • Customs co-operation programmes

    Supporting co-operation between national customs administrations - exchange information, develop skills and competences and share best working practices.​

  • Customs procedures

    The EU maintains extensive documentation on all aspects of customs, from how to make a customs declaration to customs formalities for ships.