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  • Consumer protection policy

    The EU has put in place rules that guarantee fair treatment, products that meet acceptable standards, and a right of redress if something goes wrong.

  • Consumer protection law

    EU rules on consumer contracts and marketing, unfair commercial practices, package travel and timeshare services and enforcement of consumer rights.

  • Solving consumer disputes

    The EU supports consumers that face problems with a product or a service, through bringing the case to court or solving the problem without going to court.

  • International cooperation on product safety

    The EU works closely with other countries to promote awareness of product safety requirements.

  • Product Safety

    Rules on ensuring product safety in the EU, search for dangerous products.

  • Consumer protection in financial services

    Consumer credit rights, including the right to information, to change your mind and to pay back ahead of time, and the consumer credit information form.

  • Circular economy

    A new circular economy strategy will transform Europe into a more competitive resource-efficient economy, addressing a range of economic sectors.

  • Energy supply: policy information

    Consumer energy rights, energy bill requirements, sample energy bills, the Citizens' Energy Forum and the European Consumer Consultative Group (ECCG).

  • Transport emissions

    EU policies and laws help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport, for example by setting emission limits for cars and vans.