Rating consumer experience

The consumer market monitoring survey compares consumer markets across the EU, Iceland, Norway and the United Kingdom. It monitors for particular products or services (e.g. books, mortgages, or packaged holidays) using the market performance indicator (MPI) index. The survey provides data for the consumer markets scoreboards.

The Market Performance Index (MPI) is a composite indicator that covers 5 key aspects of consumer experience

  1. comparability – how easy or difficult is it to compare goods or services?
  2. trust – do consumers trust retailers/suppliers to comply with consumer protection rules?
  3. expectations – does the market live up to consumer expectations?
  4. choice – are consumers happy with the number of retailers/suppliers?
  5. overall detriment – proportion of consumers who have had problems in the market & how harmful the problems are (e.g. have consumers lost money?)

These 5 aspects are then weighted according to how important they are to consumers. 

Reports and statistics

See the results of the latest market monitoring survey here

Consult previous editions in the archive.

Dissemination database

Detailed data from the Consumer Scoreboards are disseminated through a user-friendly database (extractions can be saved in spreadsheet format).

If you want to access data from the Consumer Markets Scoreboard (Market Monitoring Survey) click here.

If you want to access data from the the Consumer Conditions Scoreboard (Surveys on consumers and retailers attitudes towards cross-border trade and consumer protection) click here.