Rating consumer experience

Starting in 2020, the new Consumer Market Monitoring Survey builds on the experience of the previous decade while adjusting to new realities and policy needs.

The survey assesses the performance of a range of goods and service markets across the European Union, the UK, Iceland and Norway. It looks at consumers’ experiences and perceptions of the markets using a small set of core indicators to allow consistent and comparable monitoring across markets, countries and survey waves, as well as additional indicators that are specific to a particular market or survey wave. The main differences from the previous Market Monitoring Survey are a more targeted selection of markets to monitor, the higher frequency of the surveys, and the increased emphasis on indicators that are market-specific.

The survey covers three broad pillars of the consumer experience in the markets concerned:

  • trust and confidence in traders;
  • choosing products and services;
  • and the in-market experience (including experience of problems and detriment).

For each of these pillars, the survey includes both ‘core’ indicators, asked for all markets, as well as market-specific indicators that are asked for selected markets only (and in varying combinations).

Ultimately, the survey aims to identify whether markets are functioning properly for consumers and whether particular socio-demographic groups are experiencing specific problems in certain markets.

Reports and statistics

The first wave of the survey, carried out between mid-December 2019 and mid-March 2020, covered 10 consumer markets (household appliances; electronic products; products for children; cosmetics; house and garden maintenance products; furniture and furnishings; holiday accommodation; airline services; loans, credit and credit cards; and internet-connected products).

Presentation of results by Market:

Report10 July 2020Justice and Consumers

Market Monitoring 2019 - Presentation of results by Market

Find out in detail how EU consumers assess each of the markets surveyed, including the factors influencing consumer purchases and problems experienced.

Factsheets by Market:

Factsheet10 July 2020Justice and Consumers

Market Monitoring 2019 - Factsheets by Market

Find out in brief how EU consumers assess each of the markets surveyed for key indicators such as trust, choice, problems and detriment.

Factsheets by Country: 

Factsheet10 July 2020Justice and Consumers

Market Monitoring 2019 - Factsheets by Country

Find out in brief how consumers assess markets at country level (for each EU Member State, the UK, IS and NO)

The detailed results can also be viewed in the survey microsite here:


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