The New Consumer Agenda

The European Commission is preparing a new consumer strategy to update the overall strategic framework of the EU consumer policy in order to:

  • tackle the new challenges brought by digitalisation and the rising importance of environmental issues
  • protect vulnerable consumers in the new economic realities brought by the COVID-19 crisis and the plans for a post-COVID recovery
  • address the growing importance of international cooperation and effective enforcement in ensuring consumer rights.

To support this initiative, the Commission has launched an EU-wide open public consultation on the new European consumer policy for the next period, the so-called ‘New Consumer Agenda'. The public consultation will provide valuable insight for the setting up the New Consumer Agenda that the European Commission intends to adopt by the end of 2020.

The open public consultation includes questions on overall consumer policy strategy, on empowering consumers for green transition, and on the reviews of the Consumer Credit Directive and of the General Product Safety Directive. Participants have until 6 October to send their contributions. The public consultation can be found at Consumer policy – the EU’s new ‘consumer agenda’.

You can find additional information on the roadmap of the initiative at The roadmap is also open to stakeholder feedback until 11 August. Stakeholders can provide their comments on the roadmap independently of their replies to the consultation which can be sent until 6 October.

European consumer agenda

In 2012 the European Commission adopted the European consumer agenda, that identifies the key measures needed to empower consumers and to maximise their participation. The agenda outlines the strategic vision on consumer policy with 62 action points grouped around 4 pillars

  • promoting consumer safety

  • enhancing knowledge of consumer rights

  • strengthening the enforcement of consumer rules

  • integrating consumer interests into key sectorial policies

As a long-term objective, the Commission also works to empower consumers through

  • choice
  • information
  • awareness of consumer rights and means of redress


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