Estrategia de protección de los consumidores

La Agenda del Consumidor Europeo es la visión estratégica de la Comisión Europea en materia de política de los consumidores.

Our partners on consumer issues

Consumer consultative & expert groups and national and international organisations consulted by the Commission in order to craft effective consumer policy.

Evidence-based consumer policy

Knowing consumer markets and consumer behaviour in the EU helps the Commission make better policies.

Consumer issues in other policies

EU policy areas with a direct effect on the rights of European consumers, such as banking, public services, passenger right, communications and energy.

Green Consumption Pledge Initiative

Voluntary cooperation with businesses to increase the sustainability of production and consumption, thereby complementing other regulatory actions.

Key consumer data

The European Commission is providing new information to assess consumers’ needs in the Single Market and the impact of COVID-19.

Normativa de protección de los consumidores

Normas de la UE sobre contratos celebrados con consumidores y comercialización, prácticas comerciales desleales, viajes combinados y servicios de tiempo compartido, y aplicación efectiva de los derechos de los consumidores.