Key data – The new online Consumer Scoreboard

The New Consumer Agenda was adopted end 2020, one of its key action is the provision of relevant information to ensure informed policymaking. The Consumer Conditions Scoreboard puts together different sources of information and is regularly updated in order to: 

  • monitor the impact of the measures in the New Consumer Agenda on consumer markets; 
  • assess, and where appropriate, support the enforcement capacities of Member States; 
  • provide detailed information in the form of factsheets and searchable databases to allow consumer policy stakeholders and researchers carry out their own analysis. 

The Scoreboard is only provided online. It is comprised of key highlights and predefined statistical factsheets, as well as databases. Currently, the Scoreboard builds on two major surveys: the consumer conditions survey and the market surveys. Other sources, mainly from Eurostat are also used in highlights. In the coming years, additional sources will be used.

Highlights for the year 2020

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Consumer conditions survey

The consumer conditions survey is a representative survey conducted by the European Commission in each Member States of the Union to assess consumer attitudes, behaviours and experience in the Single Market, regarding the respect of consumer rights and safety. In 2020, it includes targeted questions to assess the impact of COVID.

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The detailed results and specific searches are available in the survey microsite here:

The reference metadata on both the methodology and quality for the Consumer Conditions Survey can be found here: 

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The Consumer conditions survey is conducted in each Member State of the Union as well as Iceland, Norway and the UK. See country highlights.

Market monitoring survey

The Consumer Market Monitoring Survey assesses the performance of a range of goods and service markets across the European Union, the UK, Iceland and Norway. It looks at consumers’ experiences and perceptions of the markets using a small set of core indicators to allow consistent and comparable monitoring across markets, countries and survey waves, as well as additional indicators that are specific to a particular market or survey wave.

The survey aims to identify whether markets are functioning properly for consumers and whether particular socio-demographic groups are experiencing specific problems in certain markets. 

Archived Consumer Scoreboards

From 2011 to 2018, the Commission has published detailed reports on consumer markets and conditions, as well as a searchable database. These reports have been replaced by the online information described above.

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