Businesses may play an important role in the quest for greener consumption. Many companies undertake valuable efforts to improve the sustainability of their operations as well as of their products and services and to better support consumers in their wish to change their personal ecological footprint.

The New Consumer Agenda adopted last November, recognises this dynamic and puts forward an initiative for a Green Consumption Pledge. It calls upon businesses in various sectors of the economy to undertake concrete, public and verifiable commitments to reduce their overall carbon footprint, to produce and market more sustainable products and to redouble their efforts towards raising the awareness of consumers about the impact of their consumption choices.

As announced at the January 25th launch event, companies interested in joining the pilot phase of the initiative in 2021 could do so until March 31 2021. The application period is now closed. There will be another call for application in 2022; to keep up to date please follow @EU_Consumers on Twitter or this page.

On January 25, 2021 the Pilot Phase phase of the Green Consumption Pledge was launched at an online event.

On June 10, 2021, an event announcing six additional pledging companies and roundtable took place to explore the next steps.

The pledges of the companies that have so far joined the Pilot Phase are accessible below in the Documents section. For more information regarding the Green Pledges, please consult the working document or contact the services of DG Justice and Consumers using the contact email address indicated below.

Please note that companies exclusively in the food sector are encouraged to join the Code of Conduct for responsible business and marketing practices by contacting the relevant Commission services via these email addresses; and 

Working alongside the Green Consumption Pledge, the European Climate Pact is a movement of people united around a common cause, each taking steps in their own world to build a more sustainable Europe for us all. It allows citizens, communities, cities and organisations to participate in climate action across Europe. Launched as part of the European Green Deal, the Pact offers the opportunity to share information, debate and instigate change, helping Europe meet its goal of becoming the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

DG Justice and Consumers


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