Complaints data 2006-2018

From 2006 – 2018 consumer complaints data were collected from various types of competent national bodies with a view to obtain harmonised EU consumer complaints statistics.

The key data gathered by the European Consumer Complaints Registration System (ECCRS)[1] from 2006-2018 are:

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This European Consumer Complaints Registration System (ECCRS) is being phased out as part of a review and rationalisation of data collection methods in line with new IT security and data protection requirements.

Uploading of data was discontinued as of 1 November 2018. Public access to the full database is discontinued as of 1 January 2019.

[1] The data in the European Consumer Complaints Registration System were compiled with the voluntary cooperation of various types of bodies handling complaints in EU Member States (national or sectoral authorities, consumer associations, Alternative Dispute Resolution bodies, European Consumer Centres). Data from complaints to traders are not included. The data are not representative as data input by all countries/relevant bodies was not ensured and varied over time. The data collection was based on a non-binding recommendation to Member States.