Behavioural research analyses how people make choices. Behavioural studies such as those listed below help policymakers in the EU understand, among other things, how consumers process information.

Behavioural study on strategies to improve the effectiveness of product recalls - 2021

Assessment of voluntary claims on fishery and aquaculture products (FAPS) - 2019

Study on digitalisation in financial services - 2019

Study on Consumers' Engagement in the Circular Economy - 2018

Study on advertising and marketing practices in social media - 2018

Study on the transparency of online platforms - 2018

Study in consumers' decision-making in insurance services: A behavioural economics perspective - 2017

Study on consumers' attitudes to terms and conditions - 2016

Study on the impact of marketing through social media, online games and mobile applications on children's behaviour - 2016

Milan BEXpo: A behavioural study on food choices and eating habits  - 2015

Study on the impact of food information on consumers' decision making - 2014 (pdf)

Study on the effects on consumer behaviour of online sustainability information displays - 2014 (pdf)

Impact of information on patients' choice within the contect of the directive 2011/24/EU on the application of patient's rights in cross-border healthcare - 2014 (pdf)

Study on the impact of the energy label - and potential changes to it - on consumer understanding and on purchase decisions - 2014 (pdf)

Study on online gambling and adequate measures for the protection of consumers of gambling services - 2014 (pdf)

Testing CO2/car labelling options and consumer information - 2014 (pdf)

Testing of a standardised information notice for consumers on the common European sales law - 2013 (pdf)

Bank fees behaviour study - 2012 (pdf)

Report: Consumer decision-making in retail investment services: A behavioural economics perspective - 2010 (pdf)