The New Consumer Agenda

The European Commission adopted on 13 November 2020 the New Consumer Agenda, an updated overall strategic framework of the EU consumer policy. It aims to better equip the EU to:

  • tackle the new challenges to consumer rights and opportunities for consumer empowerment brought about by the green and digital transitions, the COVID pandemic and the plans for post-COVID recovery
  • protect vulnerable consumers more effectively in the new economic realities of the COVID-19 crisis and its likely aftermath
  • address the growing importance of international cooperation and effective enforcement in ensuring consumer rights in the globalisation era.

To support this initiative, the Commission carried out an EU-wide open public consultation in the period June-October 2020. The public consultation provided valuable insight for the setting up the New Consumer Agenda  that the European Commission adopted on 13 November 2020, and its results may be consulted under the synopsis report.

In 2012, the European Commission adopted the European consumer agenda.


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