Policy areas

Many EU policies directly affect consumers, particularly policies that concern trade, competition, financial services, transport, telecommunications and energy. 


The EU is working to reduce fragmentation in the retail financial services sector. This fragmentation causes consumers to frequently face obstacles when opening, closing or switching bank accounts.

Public services

Consumer protection is very important in the realm of public services. The Commission aims to safeguard universal provision of public services, both at EU level and in EU countries.

Communication: Quality framework for services of general Interest in Europe, 2011

Passenger rights

With EU rules on passenger rights, passengers can claim certain rights, regardless of destination or mode of transport.

Electronic communications

The Commission has proposed a set of measures to ensure everyone in the EU will have the best possible internet connection, so they can participate fully in the digital economy.

Furthermore, roaming charges ended on 15 June 2017. Europeans travelling within the EU countries can Roam Like at Home and pay domestic prices for roaming calls, SMS and data.

Gas and electricity

As a result of EU efforts, consumers are now better protected and can choose the best gas and electricity deal for themselves.

Communication: State of the Energy Union 2015