Deadline for proposals 28/11/2021

The EU Industry Days is a collaboration between the European Commission and stakeholders of European industrial ecosystems. Companies, entrepreneurs, organisations, national ministries or other industry stakeholders can curate and host sessions as part of the official EU Industry Days programme. The European Commission will select submitted proposals.

Curate and host an EU Industry Days session

If you or your organisation want to help shape the discussion on European industry and industrial policy, curating and hosting a stakeholder session at the EU Industry Days is a great platform. The EU needs an active and engaging dialogue with industry players to achieve the transition to a digital, greener and more resilient European industry. Make your voice heard in a powerful and impactful way as a curator and host of a session at the EU Industry Days 2022. 

Themes of your session

In line with our goals on industrial ecosystems and pathways, EU Industry Days 2022 would like to include programme sessions that cover one or more of the following topics.

  • The green and digital transition
  • Resilience
  • Youth in industry

We will mainly focus on the following three themes.

Expanding dialogue on transition pathways from the Industrial Forum to a wide range of stakeholders
We want to discuss the pathways’ implementation with stakeholders, focusing on how they can help the EU industry move forward across its ecosystems.

How we can build and invest in the new emerging, green and resilient economy
We want to build on the examples and lessons learned from the EU industrial ecosystems’ resilience during the crisis. We aim to make our companies and SMEs more resilient, reduce the strategic dependencies identified in the industrial strategy update and overcome supply chain shortages.

How EU industry can involve young people
We want the EU industry to attract young people, and linked to this, tap into how the young generation can shape the future of EU industry.

Selection criteria

The European Commission will select up to 18 stakeholder sessions across the EU Industry Days 2022 themes. The selection will be based on the following criteria

  • relevance to the EU Industry Days 2022 themes
  • European relevance (meaning no purely national topics)
  • dynamic and interactive formats allowing for engagement with participants

The following criteria are considered advantageous and are encouraged

  • Appropriate geographical and gender balance of speakers
  • Inclusion of young speakers/panellists/other roles (under the age of 30)

The Commission has the discretion to select sessions based on the above-mentioned criteria. Unsuccessful candidates will be informed, but we cannot provide individual feedback. We may offer some unsuccessful proposals to organise a local event under the 'EU Industry Weeks'..

EU Industry Weeks

Industry stakeholders will organise many local events across Europe in the months of January-February 2022. See the call for proposals for local events to learn more about how you can participate.

Practicalities and Commission support

  • Each selected session will be allocated an up to 90-minute timeslot on the agenda and will feature as part of the EU Industry Days official programme on the website and other related materials.
  • The sessions will be virtual and we will provide technical and IT support. We will provide successful candidates with more details of the setting at a later stage.
  • We will promote the session through the EU Industry Days communication channels
  • Promotion of the results: The curators and hosts of the sessions shall submit short summaries of the sessions, which may be used in the Commission’s future communication about the European Industry Days.
  • A studio at the venue in Brussels may be made available for the session (we will provide more details at a later stage). Nevertheless, the audience will still be attending the session online.
  • For technical reasons, there will be a maximum number of speakers (we will provide more details at a later stage).  

How to apply

Submit your proposal by 28 November 2021 23:59 CET. You can expect an answer by 10 December 2021.


For more information, please contact us at