More and more healthcare data is being generated by an exponentially increasing number of medical devices and applications. However, data can be beneficial only when it is insightful and actionable.

Access to such data gives a wide variety of industry players (software and hardware developers, medical service providers, researchers, etc.) the possibility to raise services to a new level and thus a massive competitive advantage.

To thrive in an era of data-empowered healthcare, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) should be able to collect data from a wide range of sources and apply insights offered by it. Currently, developers have to manually adapt each data source to their product, which is costly, complicated and time-consuming (source: MyVitale). Thus, industry needs a 'one-stop' service that could automatically extract and centralise medical device and application data to make it easily accessible by industry actors. Moreover, this service could assist SMEs in the provision of their services by not just funnelling raw data, but by generating insights from it. Such a solution will boost the development of existing and new data-driven solutions and bring the EU to another level of digital health development.

What is the current situation/existing inefficient solution?

In most cases, SMEs must find resources to adapt data to their needs on their own (source: MyVitale).

Stakeholders affected by this problem

Medical software and hardware developers, telemedicine solutions developers, medical researchers, medical services providers, pharmaceutical and other health-related companies, lifestyle coaches, patients and other medical service recipients.


How will the solution change the lives of the beneficiaries?

The companies will offer, and the citizens and patients will receive medical services on a new level, enabled by constant automated collection and analysis of individual health data from various sources. The solution will also enable further breakthroughs in healthcare digital solutions development.

How will the solution impact European industry?

The solution will both empower existing enterprises and allow the creation of new products and business models. It will also contribute towards creating a common data space, which will boost the industry’s competitiveness at a global level. In addition, this will support free movement of information, and thus services, addressed by the European industrial strategy update

What are some of the potential actions that could be taken to solve this problem?

The solution is an application that gathers and converts data from medical devices to a usable format and analyses it with advanced technologies.

What are the technical methods that could be used to tackle the challenge?

Big data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning.

Technical and non-technical specific requirements for the solution?

The final solution must adhere to European regulations on personal data protection (GDPR) and EU legislation in general.

Support for the teams tackling this challenge

MyVitale will be opening up the challenge in more detail from the technical point of view. The challenge partner’s experts will provide hands-on guidance in the business and technical aspects of the solution development. MyVitale will also provide the teams with the insight of the prospective future client and a direct beneficiary of the solution.

Datasets available for the hackathon

A large number of medical device developers provide open access to their application programming interfaces (APIs). Participants will be directed towards several pre-arranged sources of such APIs to use in the initial solution development.

Post-hackathon support

Post-hackathon mentoring will continue after the hackathon, and there’s a chance for the solution to be developed and piloted together with the challenge partner.

About the challenge partner

MyVitale: Intelligent System Vitale S.L. is a Spanish company offering a first-in-class unique automatic health coach that prescribes physical activity and nutrition for the prevention and improvement of pathologies. Based in Pamplona (northern Spain), with a team of 14 people it offers services to more than 1.4 million end users, and more than 4,000 professionals (doctors, nutritionists and trainers) in 8 countries in Europe and South America.