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  • Capital markets union

    The capital markets union will create a more integrated capital market in the EU, and a more diversified financial system, unlocking capital in Europe.

  • Banking union

    The ECB is now the central prudential bank supervisor in the Eurozone. A newly introduced mechanism will ensure the orderly resolution of failing banks.

  • Financial supervision and risk management

    Establishing supervisory mechanisms and prudential requirements for banks, improve protection for depositors and regulate bank failures.

  • Consumer finance and payments

    The Commission wants to deepen the EU single market for retail financial services and payments and make it work better for consumers and investors.

  • Financial markets

    Better governance of financial instruments, trade in securities and investment funds and legislation to make post-trade services safer and more efficient.

  • Insurance and pensions

    The EU has introduced new harmonised rules to prevent risks and facilitate the development of a single market for insurance and pensions.

  • Auditing of companies' financial statements

    EU rules in this area aim to strengthen the quality of statutory audit, restoring the confidence of investors in audited financial statements.

  • Company reporting

    Companies operating in the EU should disclose certain information about their finances and how they operate in reports for transparency purposes.

  • Sustainable finance

    The Commission wants to boost the role of finance in achieving a greener and more sustainable economy.

  • Digital finance

    New financial technologies (FinTech) can facilitate access to financial services and improve the efficiency of the financial system.

  • EU sanctions (restrictive measures)

    The EU intervenes when necessary to prevent conflict or respond to emerging or actual crises.

  • Anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism

    Fighting money laundering and terrorist financing contributes to global security, integrity of the financial system and sustainable growth.

  • Reform support for the financial sector

    The Commission provides technical support to EU Member States across a broad spectrum of reforms in the financial sector.