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  • Agriculture and environment

    The EU has a range of policies to address issues faced by farming such as climate change, biodiversity loss and other challenges to natural resources.

  • Direct support and transparency

    The CAP Direct Payments system provides support for farm incomes, linked to respecting a range of EU rules, including the new "Greening" requirements.

  • Rural development

    The EU’s rural development programmes help people and companies in rural areas address economic, environmental and social challenges and opportunities.

  • Organic farming

    EU laws ensure that ‘organic’ means the same for consumers and producers, with EU-wide regulations that cover the organic farming supply chain.

  • Quality of farming products

    EU quality schemes, such as geographical indications, protect and guarantee a particular know-how and a specific link with a geographical area.

  • Trade and promotion

    The EU food sector has been able to expand exports, helped by EU trade agreements and enhanced promotion activities on non-EU markets.

  • Forestry

    EU rural development funds support the implementation of sustainable forest management by EU countries, also improving competitiveness and creating jobs.

  • Agricultural markets and analysis

    With a more market-oriented sector, market transparency and analysis is needed to anticipate trends, while certain policy tools remain available.