Women with tablet on a cereal farmOn average around 30% of farms across the EU are managed by a woman - iStock.com/vm

15 October 2017

Last update:
5 November 2019
Brussels, Belgium


  • Map of world recreated with seeds
    News16 October 2017

    Future of CAP: Feeding the world

    Our latest focus on the common agricultural policy looks at how the EU invests in food security and rural development in the developing world.

  • Young female farmer petting dog on trailer of a pick-up truck standing in a field
    News13 October 2017

    Future of CAP: Who'll provide our food?

    In the second of the series on the future of the common agricultural policy, we look at the challenges facing the next generation of farmers in Europe.

  • Guy working on laptop in a field
    News11 October 2017

    Future of CAP: Robots in the field?

    Tracing food products through an app, a cloud application to make precision farming easier or a digital farming advisor for efficient production