Sustainability at the water

22 March 2018

Last update:
26 November 2019
Brussels, Belgium


  • Farmer in field looking at crop
    News7 November 2017

    Future of CAP: Climate change on your plate

    In the latest Future of CAP article, we discuss the impacts of climate change on agriculture and how the EU is helping farmers in that context.

  • Satellite floating around the world
    News18 October 2017

    Future of CAP: Monitoring from outer space

    In the latest in our series of features on the common agricultural policy we look at how Europe's contribution to the space race is helping farmers.

  • Guy working on laptop in a field
    News11 October 2017

    Future of CAP: Robots in the field?

    Tracing food products through an app, a cloud application to make precision farming easier or a digital farming advisor for efficient production