Consultation on the future of EMU with Social Partners

The European Commission Representation in Denmark held a special consultation event with social partners to discuss two main topical, and inter-related, themes. One was on the future shape of the Economic and Monetary Union and the other was a consultation on the Commission's annual analysis of the economic and social situation in Denmark presented in a "Country Report".

Participants included business groups and trade unions, think tanks, academics, institutes, the banking sector, representatives of professions such as teaching,  as well as a number of Ministries (such as Finance; Employment; Foreign Affairs; Business and Growth; Social Affairs; Higher Education and Science; Children; Education and Gender Equality).

There was also active participation from a number of Directorates-General of the European Commission (including Economic and Financial Affairs; Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion; Education and Culture; Research and Innovation; Industry, Internal Market, Entrepreneurship and SMEs.)

The Representation also organised bilateral consultations with economists at the National Bank, the University and Business School, where the discussion was particularly fruitful. Main points of discussion included the relationship between Euro Area and non-Euro Area Member States, and the Stability and Growth Pact.