The Secretariat-General is one of the central services of the European Commission, facilitating its smooth and effective functioning and providing strategic direction.

It is the President's service, at the service of the President, the College and the Commission services. It manages the collegial decision-making process and ensures the alignment of EU policies with the political priorities of the Commission. In agreement with the President, the SG provides support to the Vice-Presidents in the performance of their role.

In particular, the Secretariat-General:

  • contributes to the definition of the Commission's strategic objectives and priorities and shapes cross-cutting policies;
  • coordinates, facilitates, advises and arbitrates, so as to ensure the coherence, quality and delivery of policy, legislation and operations across policy areas and Commission departments;
  • coordinates the planning and programming of the initiatives of the Commission;
  • ensures the smooth running of the decision-making process and strives to rationalise both procedures and supporting IT tools as part of the evolution towards an efficient and modern e-Commission;
  • acts as the Commission's interface with the other European institutions, national parliaments and non-governmental organisations and entities;
  • fosters the Commission's institutional competences and the development of a service-oriented, modern, transparent and responsible European administration which works to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.