The Green Line Regulation

The whole of Cyprus is part of the European Union. However, in the northern part of the island, where the Government of the Republic of Cyprus does not exercise effective control, EU legislation is suspended in line with Protocol 10 to the 2003 Act of Accession.

Since 1974 the ceasefire line (referred to as the "Green Line") has separated the two parts of the island. The line is not an external border of the EU. Council Regulation 866/2004 ("Green Line Regulation") sets out the terms under which persons and goods can cross this line from the non-government-controlled areas into the government-controlled areas.

The non-government-controlled areas are outside the EU's customs and fiscal territory – but this does not affect the personal rights of Turkish Cypriots as EU citizens.

Χαλλούμι / Halloumi / Hellim

On 12 April 2021, the Commission adopted an Implementing Regulation that registers Χαλλούμι/Halloumi/Hellim as a Protected Designation of Origin. From 1 October 2021, only Χαλλούμι/Halloumi/Hellim made by cheesemakers in the island of Cyprus and which conforms to the requirements of the product specification of the PDO Χαλλούμι/Halloumi/Hellim can be marketed in the European Union. Under the Regulation, cheesemakers resident anywhere in Cyprus have the right to have their product inspected to verify whether it meets the PDO requirements.

Further details of the EU Protected Designation of Origin scheme

On the same day, the Commission adopted an amendment to Commission Decision 2007/330 concerning trade across the Green Line. This Decision lifts the prohibition on trade in Χαλλούμι/Halloumi/Hellim produced in the Turkish Cypriot community across the Green Line, provided that the cheese meets all health and sanitary standards set out in the Decision. A system will be established to inspect farms and dairies in the Turkish Cypriot community to verify whether they comply with these standards and to issue certificates to compliant producers.

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Bringing Cypriot communities closer together

To pave the way for reunification, EU support aims to bring the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot communities closer together.

One of the fundamental principles of the EU project is the free movement of people, goods and services across its Member States. As such, the EU set out the rules under which people, goods and services can cross the Green Line in 2004. Have a look at the booklets below to read more about how the Green Line Regulation facilitates people-to-people contact and trade in Cyprus.

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