Maximising consumer participation and trust in the market and safeguarding and integrating into EU policies the interests of consumers.


EU transport policy aims to provide efficient, safe and environmentally friendly mobility solutions for Europeans.

Schengen Area

The Schengen Area guarantees free movement to more than 400 million EU citizens, and many non-EU nationals, businesspeople, tourists and others.

Borders and security

Defending the EU's external borders and fighting organised crime are activities coordinated at EU level by agencies like Frontex and Europol.

Migration and asylum

The EU has developed a new approach to better manage all aspects of migration.

Mobility of professionals

Policy information on EU legislation governing the recognition of professional experience in the EU

Health and safety at work

The EU's legal framework, statistics and committees in the area of health and safety at work

Public health

EU's role on public health.

Employment and social affairs

Responsibility for employment and social policy lies primarily with national governments, whose efforts are supported and complemented by the EU.

Justice and fundamental rights

Justice and fundamental rights polices


The EU does coordinate some national tax rules and tax rates, where differences might discourage people from buying and selling in other EU countries.

Culture and media

The EU Commission supports the cultural industry in Europe with different programmes and funding. The aim is to increase cultural diversity and create jobs