Securing doses of future vaccines

The European Commission is working closely with pharmaceutical companies and the European Medicines Agency to ensure that a safe and effective vaccine becomes available as soon as possible. As with any vaccine, they will go through rigorous scientific assessment before they are put on the market.

The European Commission has secured agreements with 6 promising vaccine developers so far, and more may come.

Vaccines secured by the Commission


  • 2.3 billion doses

Information about vaccination in the EU


Hear from the experts

Peter Piot, virologist

Peter Piot, virologist



Dr Frank Ulrich Montgomery,
President of the Standing Committee of European Doctors


Videos of experts on a COVID-19 vaccine

Hear from the people

Borislava Ananieva, transplant patient


Check the facts

Disinformation on the coronavirus is thriving. It is important that you get updated information from authoritative sources only. We suggest that you follow the advice of your public health authorities, and the websites of relevant EU and international organisations: the European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC ) and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

You can also help by not sharing unverified information that comes from dubious sources.

Fighting disinformation

The EU vaccine strategy

With the EU Vaccine Strategy, the EU is supporting efforts to accelerate the development and availability of safe and effective vaccines in a timeframe between 12 and 18 months, if not earlier. Delivering on this complex task requires running clinical trials in parallel with investing in production capacity to be able to produce millions, or even billions, of doses of a successful vaccine.

The EU vaccine strategy


European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

European Medicines Agency