Safe and effective vaccination

Find more information about available COVID-19 vaccines and the overall EU vaccine strategy:


Treatments and testing for COVID-19

The European Commission has proposed strategies for COVID-19 testing and is supporting the development of treatments.


Protecting the health of Europeans

The Commission has put forward initiatives to protect the health of Europeans by improving crisis preparedness and response as well as the long-term resilience of health systems.



Supporting healthcare systems

Cross-border health cooperation

The European Commission’s Emergency Response Coordination Centre plays a key role in relief efforts and stands ready 24/7 to assist all countries, in Europe and beyond.

Guidelines on cross-border healthcare cooperation between national, regional and local authorities aim to 

  • facilitate the transfer of patients from one Member State to another
  • allow qualified medical personnel to offer their assistance in other EU countries
  • relieve the burden that the pandemic has placed on national health systems
  • arrange for patient mobility across borders
  • provide steps for the reimbursement of healthcare costs
  • encourage national authorities to use existing bilateral and regional agreements.

Requests for cross-border healthcare assistance will be coordinated by the Health Security Committee, chaired by the Commission, and the EU Early Warning and Response System

Disinfection robots to European hospitals

The Commission has purchased 200 disinfection robots to be delivered to hospitals across Europe. The budget of up to €12 million comes from the Emergency Support Instrument. The distribution started on 26 February 2021, with some 30 robots delivered to 12 Member States.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is an integral part of the preparedness and response to the pandemic. In the EU, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) is the key body that assesses the risk of viral spread and the impact on public health.

The ECDC provides:

ECDC Questions & Answers on COVID-19 

ECDC guidelines for non-pharmaceutical interventions

Early lessons learned from the pandemic

On 15 June 2021, the European Commission presented a Communication on the early lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic, taking stock and drawing 10 lessons on how to improve action at EU and national level for better anticipation of, and earlier detection of public health risks, enhanced contingency planning, and swifter and more effective joint responses at all levels.

The list is not exhaustive, but simply provides a first snapshot of what we already know can be done for the benefit of all Europeans.


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