Consumer energy rights

In addition to general consumer rights guaranteed in EU legislation, consumers have a set of rights as regards their energy supply.

Consumer energy rights aim to enable consumers to get a better deal, to manage their energy use and empower them to fully participate in the transition towards new and innovative energy services.

Requirements for energy bills

Gas and electricity bills need to be clear, correct and contain useful information, such as the cost of the energy used. They should enable customers to compare offers from different suppliers, so they can switch easily if they want to.

Sample energy bills

The examples of electricity bills below reflect some of the best national practices in Europe and are based on the recommendations for user-friendly energy billing developed together by consumers, industryand energy regulators and endorsed by the Citizens' Energy Forum.

Below are some sample regular, annual and online electricy bill examples: 

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Citizens' Energy Forum

The European Commission established the Citizens' Energy Forum in 2007. The Forum is a regulatory forum that meets on an annual basis. Its overall aim is to explore consumers' perspective and role in a competitive, 'smart', energy-efficient and fair energy retail market.

Citizens' Energy Forum

European Consumer Consultative Group (ECCG) sub-group on energy

The ECCG sub-group on energy is a consultative body entrusted to represent interests of energy consumers in the Citizens' Energy Forum since 2007. Members are experts on energy from European consumer organisations appointed by the ECCG.


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