Air travel

CPC authorities continually work with the Commission to protect consumer rights with regard to air travel.

Accommodation booking

Following dialogue with CPC authorities, a number of online accommodation booking services have committed to changes in how they present offers.

Consumer frequent traps and scams

CPC authorities work to protect consumers where they are targeted by bad practices such as fraud, scams and subscription traps.


Following the Dieselgate scandal, CPC authotities continually work to ensure fair compensation for all affected consumers.

Market places and digital services

With more consumers turning to online market places and digital services, CPC authorities help to ensure traders comply with EU consumer law.

Other travel services

CPC authorities help to ensure consumer rights whether traveling by boat, train or car.

Social media and search engines

As social media and search engines play a pivotal role in the digital transition, CPC authorities help to protect consumers from new risks.

Quality differences

CPC authorities help to investigate "dual quality" practices that mislead consumers.