About the directive

The main purpose of the price indication directive is to ensure that the selling price and the price per unit of measurement (unit price) are indicated for all products offered by traders to consumers

This facilitates the comparison of prices for consumers.The selling price must be unambiguous, easily identifiable and clearly legible.



The Commission carried out an appraisal of the directive in 2004, which showed that

  • 76% of small retailers find unit pricing a logical part of their pricing process
  • 72% of small retailers agree that consumers use unit prices in their buying choices and behaviour

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Public consultation

The Commission consulted stakeholders on the possible revision of the directive in 2006/2007. The majority of EU countries and consumer stakeholders in the public consultation supported eliminating or limiting in time, the possibility for EU countries to exempt small businesses from the obligation of indicating the unit price.

Moreover, most countries agreed that the unit price constitutes valuable information for consumers. Some responders even suggested that consumers are more acutely in need of complete price information when they purchase from small retail businesses.

EU countries acknowledged that there might be an additional burden on small retail businesses to comply with the directive. Technological solutions were seen as the most appropriate means of easing this burden over time.

In the meantime, the burden on small retail businesses was still viewed as reasonable and proportionate.

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Fitness check

The directive is part of the ongoing fitness check of the EU consumer and marketing law.

Review of EU consumer law - New Deal for Consumers

Review of EU consumer law - New Deal for Consumers

Evaluation of rules related to consumer rights, directives covered in the fitness check, public consultation and results and the New Deal for Consumers.