Federal Chancellery

Field of activity: Public Administration (national level, European affairs).



General counsel, head of department, responsible for quality of regulation and for regulated prices within the Directorate general Economic Regulation of the Federal Public Service (FPS) Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy

Mr Pieter Van den Bossche Mr Pieter Van den Bossche

Pieter Van den Bossche started in 2001 as a deputy legal adviser at the legal department of the Chairman's office of the FPS Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy, where he was charged with administrative disputes and with legal advice in the field of administrative and constitutional law, consumer and telecom law. In 2012 he was appointed head of the quality of regulation unit within the General directorate of Economic Regulation, where he was one of the driving forces behind the codification of economic law. In 2018 he was appointed general counsel, head of the department quality of regulation and regulated prices. At federal level, the latter relate to the prices of medicines and medical implants and to the book price. Pieter Van den Bossche graduated in 1997 as a master in law at Ghent University with a specialization in commercial and economic law.


Ms Gergana IVANOVA

Head of General Coordination of EU Affairs Department

Ms Gergana IVANOVAMs Gergana Ivanova

Since 2012 Mrs Ivanova has worked as a Head of General Coordination of EU Affairs Department in Technical Harmonization and Consumer Policy Directorate at the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy. Her main responsibility is the coordination and preparation of the Bulgarian position and participation in the EU Competitiveness Council. Since 2008, she is a national coordinator in the field of administrative burden reduction. These include coordination of three consecutive measurements of the administrative burden for businesses; preparation of three national Action Plans for reducing administrative burdens; reporting to the Council of Ministers twice a year on the implementation of the three Action Plans; providing guidance and facilitating problem solving, etc. From 2003 to 2005 she was an advisor at the Cabinet of the Minister of Economy and was involved in developing strategies, programs, economic analyses, etc. Prior to her employment in the public administration, she has worked for 6 years in the private sector as a consultant and licensed valuator of entire enterprises.

Graduate from the University of National and World Economy, Sofia, with a master degree in Economy and Management of Industry and further specialization in Management Automation and Strategic Planning.


Ms Nataša Mikuš ŽIGMAN


Mr Kyriakos Andreou

Coordinator Officer at DG EPCD

Mr Kyriakos AndreouMr Kyriakos Andreou

Kyriacos Andreou currently works at DG EPCD as a Coordinator Officer. Prior to his current role, Mr Andreou was an Administration Officer and a Financial Advisor in the National Supervisory Authority of Cyprus. Mr Andreou holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Cyprus and a Master’s degree in Finance, also awarded from the University of Cyprus. Mr Andreou is a highly motivated person and a powerful force in the workplace and uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed.   

Czech Republic

Mr. Jan Kravčík

Principal Advisor

Regulatory Impact Assessment Unit of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic

Mr. Jan KravčíkMr. Jan Kravčík

Senior government counsellor at the Regulatory Impact Assessment Unit, Office of the Government. Jan has been in the Czech state administration since 2010. At the Ministry of the Interior, he focused on international cooperation in public administration, especially on human resources management and social dialogue in civil service. Currently, he serves at the Office of the Government as a senior counsellor in charge of communication with professional associations, fostering international cooperation in better regulation policies. He holds a degree in Slavic studies from Charles University in Prague and have represented the Czech Republic in various international forums.


Mr Andreas Hauptmann

Director of EU and International Affairs at the Danish Business Authority

Mr Andreas HauptmannMr Andreas Hauptmann

Mr. Hauptmann is the Director of EU and International Affairs at the Danish Business Authority. He is supervising the Danish negotiations and implementation of a wide range of EU legislation, particularly regarding the single market, the digital single market, industry and SMEs. Mr. Hauptmann has more than 10 years of experience within the public administration relating to EU affairs. He is responsible for the section of the Danish Business Regulation Forum dealing with EU related activities.


Ms Kristina Jerjomina

Ms Kristina JerjominaMs Kristina Jerjomina

Legal Advisor at a Business and Consumer Environment Department of the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.


Ms Anu Laitinen

Head of Unit

Better Regulation Unit of Finland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

Ms Anu LaitinenMs Anu Laitinen

Ms Laitinen has worked in Finland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment since 2008. She has been involved in many different project in the area of better regulation, impact assessment and administrative burden reduction. Currently, she works as a Head of Unit in the Ministry’s Better Regulation Unit. The unit is responsible for national project on simplification of legislation as well as one-in, one-out experimentation. Ms Laitinen’s employment history prior to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment includes positions at the Finnish Competition Authority and Finland’s Ministry of Agriculture. She holds a Master’s degree in Business and Economics (University of Jyväskylä) and a Master’s degree in Social Sciences (University of Helsinki).


Mr. Matthieu Laurent

Deputy Legal Advisor of General Secretariat for European affairs

Mr. Matthieu LaurentMr. Matthieu Laurent

Fields of activity: in charge of the coordination and monitoring of the application of EU law, especially transposition and infringement procedures.




Head of subdivision EA "Policy issues EU policy

Mrs Gisela HohenseeMrs Gisela Hohensee



Head of the Better Regulation Office

Better Regulation Office, Secretarial General for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Presidency of the Government

Ilias KorimilasMr Ilias Korimilas

Mr Koromilas is currently Head of the Better Regulation office, Presidency of the Hellenic Government, Secretariat General of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs. Mr Koromilas has been the Head of Better Regulation Office of the General Secretariat of the Greek Government and national representative in the Working Group of the Council on Better Regulation for Competitiveness and Growth since 2013. Having a doctorate degree in sociology and a master's degree in criminology, he has been working both as special adviser on better regulation and as lecturer, scientific researcher and collaborator. He is author of numerous publications and is Vice-President of the administrative board of the Criminologists' Society of Panteion University.


Mr István Tamas Racz

Head of department at the Ministry of Justice’s EU Coordination Department

Mr István Tamas RaczMr István Tamas Racz

Field of activity: EU coordination




Better Regulation Unit

Mr John ShineMr John Shine

Field of Activity: Enterprise, Trade and Employment.


Ms. Nadia MARIN

Head of regulatory impact assessment Unit

Presidency of the Council of Ministers

Head of the Regulatory Impact Assessment and Ex-Post Evaluation Unit, Department of Legal and Legislative Affairs, Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Italy.

Nadia Marin is head of the Regulatory Impact Assessment and ex-post Evaluation Unit in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers since 2014. Her Unit is responsible for the development and management of the Government's impact assessment system and for the quality scrutiny of draft impact assessments and evaluations submitted by ministries and departments. She is also responsible for the department’s relations with international partners, the Council of the EU, the Commission, the Organization for economic cooperation and development on better regulation policy.


Ms Māra Rone

Head of EU Affairs unit Department of EU and Foreign Economic Relations, Ministry of Economics of Latvia

Ms Māra RoneMs Māra Rone

Since 2012 Mrs Rone has worked as a Head of EU Affairs Unit at the Latvian Ministry of Economy. Main responsibility is the coordination and preparation of the Latvian position and participation in the EU Competitiveness and the EU Energy Councils. National coordinator in the field of administrative burden reduction.

Graduate from the Stockholm University Business school, with a Master of Science degree in Business Administration.


Mr Tomas URBAN

Director of Business Environment Department

Ministry of Economy and Innovation

Mr Tomas UrbanMr Tomas Urban

Field of activity: Project management, Strategic planning, Public procurement, EU funding


Ms Annelies Vandendriessche

Field of activity: Legal Advisor, Ministry for Digitalisation



Managing Consultant

Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs


Field of activity: Better Regulation and Modernization of Public Administration including Strategic Planning, Quality and Service Improvement, BPR, One-stop shops, Digitisation, Major Projects, Change Management, Management Consultancy.


Mr Pieter Waasdorp


Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate

Mr Pieter WaasdorpMr Pieter Waasdorp

Field of activity: Director of entrepreneurship at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate


Ms Joanna POHL

Chief expert Better Regulation Team, Department of Improvement of Business Regulation

Ms Joanna PohlMs Joanna Pohl

Chief Specialist in the Better Regulation Unit in the Polish Ministry of Economic Development, Labour and Technology.

Ms Pohl has been working in the Polish public administration since 2004. Currently, she is responsible for issues related to improvement of regulatory framework, better regulation and public consultations on the European and national level.  She participated in several deregulation and burden reduction projects. She was dealing with the EU single market issues including negotiations on services directive as well as the transposition process concentrating on removing barriers for services provides.

She holds a Master’s degree in international economic and political relations (Adam Mickiewicz University) and a Master’s degree in the EU Law (College of Europe).


Ms Ana Sofia Martins

Main Consultant, Legal Centre of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers

Mr Ana Sofia MARTINSMr Ana Sofia MARTINS

Ms Ana Sofia Martins is main consultant of the Portuguese Unit for Impact Assessment, has been Director for Administrative and Regulatory Simplification within the Agency for the Administrative Modernization in the Presidency for the Council of Ministers since January 2014. She has studied in Modern Literature at Universidade Nova de Lisboa and holds a master degree in Management from the ISCTE - Business School. She started her career in 2000 working as a digital journalist at the National TV Station and joined public administration in 2003 as project manager and since then has held several positions within the Knowledge Society Agency and the Agency for the administrative modernisation.


Mrs Anca LUPU


General Directorate for Public Policies, Strategies and internal Managerial control, general secretariat of the Government

Mrs Anca LUPUMrs Anca LUPU

Field of activity: Policy coordination and impact assessment


Ms Katja Glavic

Undersecretary Ministry of Public Administration
(Sector Development Office)

Picture Katja GlavicMs Katja Glavic

Undersecretary Ministry of Public Administration (Sector Development Office), working in the area of better regulation, including strategic and methodological framework development, IT-support development and practical implementation of better regulation principles. Managing initiatives for the removal of administrative barriers or the improvement of regulations received through STOP the Bureaucracy portal, organizing and running workshops for public servants and promoting work of the STOP the Bureaucracy project (various events) , working on regular review of legislation from the point of view of removing administrative burdens. Preparing ex-ante and ex-post evaluations;  large part of the professional activity is focused on better regulation and better legislative process;  participated in a number of projects involving development of regulatory impact assessment system and effective implementation of measures for administrative burden reduction. Actively participates in the implementation of the measures set out in the Action Plan for Better Regulation adopted by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in 2019 with the aim of systematically regulating better regulation.

Slovak Republic


State Secretary

Ministry of Economy of Slovak Republic


Mr. Ján ORAVEC is the 1st State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic. From 2003 to 2020 he served as a President of The Entrepreneurs Association of Slovakia. He is a founding member and a member of a Presidium of the National Union of Employers. As a Chairman of its´ European Affairs and Foreign Relations Committee he represented Slovak employers in international organizations of employers, in BusinessEurope in Brussels, in BIAC at OECD, and in IOE at the International Labour Organization in Geneva.

In 1999-2002 Mr. Oravec was working as a Chief of Strategy at the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.  During that period he served as a chairman and member of various Supervisory Boards and Boards of Directors.

He is a founding member of The F. A. Hayek Foundation and its long term president (1992 – 2013). In 1997 he established The Slovak Taxpayers Association.

Mr. Oravec graduated in 1987 from Comenius University in Bratislava (Philosophy – Political Economy), The Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia in 1994 (Business Administration) and The Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, USA in 1993-1995 (Bank Management). In 1996 he received his PhD. degree in economics at The Institute of Slovak and World Economy in Bratislava.

He writes articles, gives lectures, TV interviews, and public speeches on various topics.


Ms Clara Mapelli Marchena

Director General for Public Governance at the Ministry of Finance and Civil Service

Ms Clara Mapelli MarchenaMs Clara Mapelli Marchena

Responsible for analysis and evaluation of public administration structures and procedures; programs on reduction of administrative burdens; management of single access point to public administration; quality of public services; transparency and open government plans.

PhD in Law and Master in Public Administration, she has served since 2001 in different positions within the public administration relating to EU affairs, better regulation and administrative reform.


Ms Anna Johansson

Head of Department/Deputy Director General

The Swedish Agency for Economics and Regional Growth

Ms Anna JohanssonMs Anna Johansson

Field of activity: Better Regulation and Digital Services.

Committee of the Regions

Ms Ulrika Landergren

Ms Ulrika LandergrenMs Ulrika Landergren

Chair of the CoR Commission for Natural Resources (NAT) and Member of Kungsbacka Municipal Council, Sweden 

Mr Mark Speich (EPP/DE)

Mr Mark Speich Mr Mark Speich

State Secretary for Federal, European and International Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Chair of the Commission for Citizenship, Governance, Institutional and External Affairs (CIVEX) of the European Committee of the Regions.  

Mrs Anne Karjalainen

Mrs Anne KarjalinenMrs Anne Karjalinen

Chair of the CoR Commission for Social Policy, Education, Employment and Culture (SEDEC) and Member of Kerava City Council, Finland.