Set up in 2015 as part of the Commission's better regulation agenda, the platform:

  • supports the process of simplifying EU law and reducing regulatory burdens, for the benefit of civil society, business and public authorities
  • makes recommendations to the Commission, taking into account suggestions made by citizens and interested parties

The Commission analyses these recommendations and explains how it intends to follow them up.

Members and structure

2 groups meet independently and in plenary sessions:

  • Government group – 1 representative from each EU country
  • Stakeholders group – representatives of business, social partners and civil society, European Economic and Social Committee and Committee of the Regions

Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans chairs the platform as a whole. Each platform group is led by the chair of the Regulatory Scrutiny Board.

Find out more about the REFIT Platform and how you can have your say.

Working methods and rules of procedure

Follow-up of the Platform opinions

In setting its priorities the Commission takes particular account of the adopted opinions of the REFIT Platform. The Commission work programmes identify the most important initiatives and REFIT actions planned for upcoming year. The REFIT Scoreboard, which accompanies the work programme and the "REFIT Platform follow-up report" provide detailed information on the Commission follow- up to the REFIT Platform opinions.


Commission decision establishing the REFIT platform

Commission decision on appointment of members of the REFIT stakeholders group

Annex to the Commission decision on appointment of members of REFIT stakeholders group

Rules of procedure for the REFIT platform government group

The REFIT platform structure and functioning