Mr Karl Irresberger


Head of legistics, federal state affairs and administrative organisational law division within the constitutional law department of the Federal Ministry of Constitution, Reforms, Deregulation and Justice of Austria

Karl Irresberger has been Head of the Legistics (and other affairs) Division since 1997 and has worked in the Constitutional Law Department, which now is situated in the Federal Ministry of Constitution, Reforms, Deregulation and Justice, since 1989.

Before that, Mr Irresberger, who holds a doctoral degree in law from the University of Graz, served as an assistant professor of civil law at the said university.

Along with some affairs of constitutional law and general affairs of law making, his responsibilities include projects in the field of better regulation and deregulation.


Mr Pieter Van den Bossche

Pieter Van den BosschePieter Van den Bossche

General counsel, head of department, responsible for quality of regulation and for regulated prices within the Directorate general Economic Regulation of the Federal Public Service (FPS) Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy.

Pieter Van den Bossche started in 2001 as a deputy legal adviser at the legal department of the Chairman's office of the FPS Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy, where he was charged with administrative disputes and with legal advice in the field of administrative and constitutional law, consumer and telecom law. In 2012 he was appointed head of the quality of regulation unit within the General directorate of Economic Regulation, where he was one of the driving forces behind the codification of economic law. In 2018 he was appointed general counsel, head of the department quality of regulation and regulated prices. At federal level, the latter relate to the prices of medicines and medical implants and to the book price. Pieter Van den Bossche graduated in 1997 as a master in law at Ghent University with a specialization in commercial and economic law.


Ms Gergana Ivanova


Since 2012 Ms Ivanova has worked as a Head of General Coordination of EU Affairs Department in Technical Harmonization and Consumer Policy Directorate at the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy. Her main responsibilities are the coordination and preparation of the Bulgarian position and the participation in the EU Competitiveness Council.

Prior to that, Ms Ivanova worked as national coordinator in the field of administrative burden reduction. This includes coordination of measurements of the administrative burden for businesses; preparation of national Action Plans for reducing administrative burdens; reporting to the Council of Ministers on the implementation of these Action Plans.

From 2003 to 2005 Ms Ivanova was advisor at the Cabinet of the Minister of Economy and was involved in developing strategies, programs, economic analyses, etc.

Prior to her employment in the public administration, Ms Ivanova worked for 6 years in the private sector as a consultant and licensed evaluator of entire enterprises.

She is graduated from the University of National and World Economy, Sofia, with a master degree in Economy and Management of Industry and further specialization in Management Automation and Strategic Planning.




State Secretary in the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts of the Republic of Croatia

Mrs Mikuš Žigman has over 15 years of experience in the government sector on the leading position in management and implementation of different European Union structural instruments. Post-graduated in Economics of the European Union of the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb, she started her career in the Ministry of European Integration, after 5 years; she became Deputy State Secretary in the Central Office for Development Strategy and Coordination of EU Funds. Since 2012, she worked as Director of the Central Finance and Contracting Authority responsible for accreditation packages to obtain the conferral of management powers by the EC for pre-accession and post-accession programmes. From 2016, Ms Mikuš Žigman is State Secretary responsible for Internal Market, Public Procurement and implementation of EU Programmes and projects under the European Structural and Investment Funds for financial period 2014-2020.


Ms Patrina Taramidou

Patrina TaramidouPatrina Taramidou

Head of Better Regulation and Open Data (and other affairs) Section at the Department of Public Administration and Personnel Department, Ministry of Finance.

Mrs Taramidou holds a Master’s degree in International and European Relations (University of Reading), a Master’s degree in Public Administration (University of Nicosia) and a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature (University of East Anglia).

She has over 20 years’ experience in the government sector in the field of administration and personnel management, in matters relating to improving the administrative capacity of government Departments, organisation and methods studies and re-engineering projects at various government Ministries/ Departments, staff budgets, strategic planning, EU co-funded projects, human resource management  and other.   

Czech Republic

Mr Jan Kravčík


Senior government counsellor at the Regulatory Impact Assessment Unit, Office of the Government

Jan has been in the Czech state administration since 2010. At the Ministry of the Interior, he focused on international cooperation in public administration, especially on human resources management and social dialogue in civil service. Currently, he serves at the Office of the Government as a senior counsellor in charge of communication with professional associations, fostering international cooperation in better regulation policies. He holds a degree in Slavic studies from Charles University in Prague and have represented the Czech Republic in various international forums.


Mr Andrew Hjuler Crichton

Andrew Hjuler CrichtonAndrew Hjuler Crichton

Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs

He has an extensive career behind him as a government official and has among other jobs previously been deputy permanent secretary in the Danish Ministry of Employment. Andrew holds a law degree from Copenhagen University and prior to his employment in the State he was a business lawyer in Denmark.


Ms Elis Prangli

Elis PrangliElis Prangli

Since 2016 I have been working in the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Estonia. From January 2018 my specialization is Better Regulation. Before joining public sector I have been working in several international consultation bureaus, like Grant Thornton and EY.  In 2009 I obtained the magister degree in law.


Ms Anu Laitinen

Anu LaitinenAnu Laitinen

Chief Specialist in the Better Regulation Unit of Finland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

Ms Laitinen has worked in Finland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment since 2008. In 2008-2011 she was responsible for coordinating the measurements of administrative burden for businesses. She also participated in several administrative burden reduction projects and coordinated the national Burden Reduction Action Programme.

Currently, she works in the Ministry’s Better Regulation Unit, where she is responsible for issues relating to development of the regulatory environment for businesses and development of the regulatory impact assessment system. She also participates in international cooperation on better regulation, for example as Finland’s representative on the OECD Regulatory Policy Committee.

Ms Laitinen’s employment history prior to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment includes positions at the Finnish Competition Authority and Finland’s Ministry of Agriculture. She holds a Master’s degree in Business and Economics (University of Jyväskylä) and a Master’s degree in Social Sciences (University of Helsinki).


Mr Thierry-Xavier Girardot

State councillor, Director, deputy secretary general of the French government

1991-1992: national School of Administration (ENA). 1993-1998: council of state, auditor, then master of requests. 1998-2002: Legal Adviser to the permanent representation of France to the EU in Brussels. 2002-2007: Director of legal affairs at the Ministry of national education, higher education and research. 2007-2009: Director of legal affairs at the Ministry of ecology, sustainable development, energy, transport and housing. Since 2009, Director, deputy secretary general of the French government.



Gisela HohenseeGisela Hohensee

Deputy Director General for General Issues of European Policy/ Coordination, EU structural policy, EU law

Born in Stuttgart (Germany), Gisela Hohensee studied law at the universities of Regensburg and Tübingen (Germany) and began her professional career as a lawyer in Stuttgart.
In 1990, she obtained a post-graduate scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service for a two-year-stay in Tokyo (Japan) which gave her the opportunity to study the language and to work in her profession at the same time.
In 1992, she joined the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs where she started her career in the Directorate General for Economic Policy.
From 1994 to 1997, she was seconded to the Commission’s Directorate General for Competition as a national expert in the cartel division.
Returning to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, she worked in the Directorates General for Energy Policy and Central Administration. In 2009, she became Head of Unit for “Economic Policy of the labour market” and subsequently Head of Unit for “General Issues of raw material policy, mining law” (2011) and Head of Unit of the “Central legal division, data protection, contact person for corruption prevention (2013).
In 2015, she was assigned the position as Head of the Department of Economics at the Permanent Representation of Germany at the European Union in Brussels. In August 2018, she was appointed as Deputy Director General for General Issues of European Policy/ Coordination, EU structural policy, EU law.


Mr Ilias Koromilas


Head of Better Regulation Office

Mr Koromilas has been the Head of Better Regulation Office of the General Secretariat of the Greek Government and national representative in the Working Group of the Council on Better Regulation for Competitiveness and Growth since 2013. Having a doctorate degree in sociology and a master's degree in criminology, he has been working both as special adviser on better regulation and as lecturer, scientific researcher and collaborator. He is author of numerous publications and is president of the administrative board of the Criminologists' Society of Panteion University.


Mr Balázs Mayer

Mr Balázs MayerMr Balázs Mayer

Senior Legal Advisor at the Department for EU Coordination, Institutional and Cabinet Affairs, State Secretariat for European Union Policies, Prime Minister’s Office, Hungary

Mr Mayer has been working in the field of EU institutional and legal affairs at the Prime Minister’s Office since 2015. Earlier, he worked in various positions of the state administration and accumulated extensive experience in the government sector. As immigration officer at the Hungarian Immigration Office he was engaged in immigration procedures and Schengen cooperation as well as participated in international projects. At the Hungarian Data Protection Authority (NAIH), as legal advisor, he was involved in the work of EU expert groups dealing with data protection and privacy issues and liaised with EU, Member State and international partners. He has a degree in Political Science (MA) and another one in Law (MA) and passed the Hungarian Bar Exam in 2013. Between 2014 and 2015, having lived for almost two years in China, he broadened his perspectives with a unique language and an exceptional cultural heritage.


Mr Gary Martin

Gary MartinGary Martin

Principal Officer in the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation in Ireland

Gary has responsibility for the Better Regulation Unit as well as the Policy and Liaison Units for the Company Registration Office (CRO) and the Registry of Friendly Societies (RFS) in Ireland. The Better Regulation Unit works with relevant stakeholders to promote and facilitate the reduction of administrative burdens on business and represents Ireland at related international forums, such as the REFIT Platform. Prior to his current position Gary managed the Action Plan for Jobs unit in the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, was Programme Manager in the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), held various management and analyst positions in the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) and worked in the private sector for a number of energy utilities before entering into public service. He holds a Master’s degree in IT, a BSc Finance degree and various professional project and programme management qualifications


Ms Nadia Marin

Nadia MarinNadia Marin

Manager, head of the Regulatory Impact Assessment and Ex-Post Evalutation Unit, Department of Legal and Legislative Affairs, Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Italy.

Nadia Marin is head of the Regulatory Impact Assessment and ex-post Evaluation Unit in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers since 2014. Her Unit is responsible for the development and management of the Government's impact assessment system and for the quality scrutiny of draft impact assessments and evaluations submitted by ministries and departments. She is also responsible for the department’s relations with international partners, the Council of the EU (Working party on better regulation), the Commission, the Organisation for economic cooperation and development (Regulatory Policy Committee) and other international organisations on better regulation policy.


Ms Zaiga Liepiņa


Deputy State Secretary at the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia

Zaiga Liepiņa was born in 1969 in Riga, Latvia. She has more than 20 years' of experience in the government sector. Since 2001, she has been responsible for shaping and implementing of policies related to foreign economic relations and EU internal market regulation. She is a member of the High Level Working Group on Competitiveness and Growth, which is the body of the EU Council gathering high level representatives designed by Member States and the European Commission. In 2015 she also was the chair of the High Level Working Group on Competitiveness and Growth. From 2004 to 2014 she was the Full Member of EU Trade Policy Committee and responsible for foreign trade policy issues in Latvia. Prior to that, Zaiga worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more than 9 years, where she developed her excellent diplomatic skills and extensive knowledge of external trade relations. From 2002 to 20007 she was also the board member of several Latvian State Joint-Stock Companies. Zaiga has an MBA in economics (1991) and a post-graduate degree in International Economy and Law (1992), both from the University of Latvia. She further developed her knowledge studying International Business at the United Business Institute in Belgium (2000).


Ms Milda Kaupelienė

Milda KaupelienėMilda Kaupelienė

Director of the Company Law and Business Environment Improvement Department, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania
Having joined the Ministry of Economy in 2004, Ms. Kaupelienė has led Lithuania’s better regulation efforts, including streamlining business licencing, introducing an administrative burden reduction target for all state institutions, and initiating business-friendly inspection practices.
Other responsibilities include corporate-law and state-enterprise policy.
In 2010-2012, as deputy director of the Corporate Bankruptcy Department, she accelerated Guarantee Fund application processing five-fold, resulting in four times more employees receiving funds after bankruptcy.
Ms. M. Kaupelienė holds a master’s degree in law from Vilnius University.


Lisa Brouxel

Lisa BrouxelLisa Brouxel

Lisa Brouxel works in the EU coordination team of the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is the head of Better Regulation and the REFIT platform. She holds a Bachelor in Business Administration (ESSEC Business School) and an MA in European Studies (King’s College).


Mr John Aquilina


Managing consultant, office of the Prime Minister, Malta

John Aquilina has 27 years international work experience mostly in top management positions within private and public sectors. Between 1991 and 2003, he held information technology and innovation management positions in software development, manufacturing, automotive and offshore outsourcing firms. John was Chief Executive Officer of the Management Efficiency Unit within the Office of the Prime Minister, Malta between 2003 and 2013. John has been heavily involved on the Malta-EU better regulation dossier, being its long-standing member of the High Level Group of National Regulatory Experts, the Standard Cost Model Network, and the Working Party on Competitiveness and Growth (Better Regulation). He is Malta’s nominated member on the REFIT Platform. John Aquilina holds a MBA (Henley Management College UK) and a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Mathematics (University of Malta).


Drs. Pieter M. Waasdorp

Drs. Pieter M. Waasdorp Drs. Pieter M. Waasdorp

EU SME envoy for The Netherlands since 2014 and director Entrepreneurship at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy in the Netherlands. He has over 25 years' experience in the field of policy making. He has worked at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in several management functions. He was part of the management team that set up the Topsector policy in The Netherlands.

SME’s and entrepreneurship is a topic which runs as a red thread through his curriculum viteae. This is expressed in his current role as EU SME Envoy in which he launched the pan-European Ideas from Europe platform. Mr. Waasdorp has been a member of many juries of entrepreneurship competitions and has a comprehensive network in the field of SME’s and venture capital. Mr. Waasdorp has a university degree in economics.


Ms Joanna Pohl

Ms Joanna PohlMs Joanna Pohl

Chief Specialist in the Better Regulation Unit in the Polish Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology.

Ms Pohl has been working in the Polish public administration since 2004. Currently, she is responsible for issues related to improvement of regulatory framework, better regulation and public consultations on the European and national level.  She participated in several deregulation and burden reduction projects. She was dealing with the EU single market issues including negotiations on services directive as well as the transposition  process concentrating on removing barriers for services provides. She holds a Master’s degree in international economic and political relations (Adam Mickiewicz University) and a Master’s degree in the EU Law (College of Europe).


Ms Ana Sofia Martins

Ms Ana Sofia MARTINSMs Ana Sofia MARTINS

Director for administrative and regulatory simplification, agency for the administrative modernisation in the presidency for the council of ministers

Ms Ana Sofia Martins has been Director for Administrative and Regulatory Simplification within the Agency for the Administrative Modernization in the Presidency for the Council of Ministers since January 2014. She has studied in Modern Literature at Universidade Nova de Lisboa and holds a master degree in Management from the ISCTE - Business School. She started her career in 2000 working as a digital journalist at the National TV Station and joined public administration in 2003 as project manager and since then has held several positions within the Knowledge Society Agency and the Agency for the administrative aodernisation.


Mr Dragoș Negoiță

 Mr Dragoș NEGOIȚĂ Mr Dragoș NEGOIȚĂ

Director of the directorate for coordination of policies and programmes, prime minister’s chancellery, government of Romania

Having 13 years of experience working at the Center of the Government, he is currently the Director of the Directorate for Coordination of Policies and Programs (DCPP), under the Prime Minister’s Chancellery. Concurrently, he holds the technical level coordinator position of the National Committee for correlating the implementation of the Strategy for the reinforcement of the public administration in 2014 - 2020. DCPP also coordinates the implementation of a Better Regulation strategy for 2014 to 2020. He has a Master’s degree in political science from the Institute of Political Studies - Grenoble, France.


Ms Janja Jenc

Ms Janja JENCMs Janja JENC

Senior adviser in better regulation, Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia

Janja Jenc is currently employed at the Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia as a senior adviser in Better Regulation, Administrative Processes and Quality Service. In the past years she has participated in a number of projects involving development of regulatory impact assessment system and effective implementation of measures for administrative burden reduction. Currently she dedicates most of her time to the evaluation of the Programme for reducing administrative burdens by 25%.

Slovak Republic

Ms Miriam Letasiova

Miriam Letasiova Miriam Letasiova

Director General for Business Environment and Innovation at the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic

Miriam Letašiová holds a position of Director General for Business Environment and Innovation at the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic. She is also the chair of the Working Group for the Strategy of External Economic Relations of the Slovak Republic for the period 2014 – 2020.

She graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava in the field of finance and banking and she also graduated from the Matej Bel University in the field of political science. In 2012 - 2016 she worked as the Chief Executive of Eximbanka Slovakia and since 2012 she is also the president of the non-profit organization Heart of Slovakia.

As a Director General, she leads the topics of Improvement of Business Environment, Better Regulation, Smart Industry and Smart Cities.


Ms Maria Pia Junquera Temprano


General Director for public governance within the Spanish Ministry of Finance and Public Service.

Since December 2016, Maria Pía Junquera Temprano is general director for public governance within the Spanish Ministry of Finance and Public Service.

She holds a university degree in law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and belongs to the Senior Corps of Civil State Administrators.

She started her career in 1995 working in the General Directorate of International Economy and in the General Directorate of the Treasury and Financial Policy, both in the Ministry of Economy.

In 1997, she joined the Ministry of Justice where she held several positions and served as Deputy Director until 2004, being responsible for inspection, human resources and financial management.

She has also been Deputy Director of Regulatory Coordination in the Ministry of Economy and in the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration from 2004 to 2014 and General Director for Administrative Organization and Procedures within the Spanish Ministry of Finance and Public Administration from 2014 to 2016.


Ms Gunilla Nordlof

Ms Gunilla NORDLOFMs Gunilla NORDLOF

Director general, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

Mrs Nordlöf is Chairman of the Swedish E-identification Board, member of the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority Board of Director and also member of Government's Council for digital renewal of the public Sweden.

Previously, she was the Head of the Department for Local Government and State Enterprise, Swedish Ministry of Finance and the Head of the Office for Management and Coordination, Swedish Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications. Mrs Nordlöf holds a Bachelor of Science, Economics from the Stockholm University.

United Kingdom

Ms Ruth Harries

Ruth HarriesRuth Harries

Deputy Director for the Better Regulation Executive at the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Ruth has spent most of her career working for the UK government on a variety of high profile regulatory focussed roles. These include supporting the delivery of competition policy, economic regulation, employment law and setting up a new regulator overseeing apprenticeship delivery. Ruth’s current role is focussed on leading better regulation strategy for the UK and engagement with the EU and international partners on better regulation matters. This includes engaging with international forums and looking at new trends such as the links between regulation, innovation and technology.

Ruth holds a BA Hons in Modern History and Modern Languages (French) from St John’s College, University of Oxford.