Training of justice professionals on EU law is essential to ensure the correct and coherent application of EU law and smooth cross-border judicial proceedings. In 2011, the European Commission adopted a long-term strategy on European Judicial Training, which set specific objectives for the training of justice professionals for 2020:

  • At least half of all legal practitioners in the European Union should participate in European judicial training activities by 2020. EU funding should support training of more than 20 000 legal practitioners per year.
  • Training for judges and prosecutors is a priority. However, all justice professionals, including court staff, lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, mediators, prison staff and probation officers are targeted.

Evaluation of the European judicial training strategy

The European Commission evaluated the European judicial training strategy, to assess to which extent the strategy was successful between 2011 and 2017, whether there were drawbacks and whether the current strategy is still fit for todays' challenges. The evaluation will help improving the implementation of the strategy until 2020 and serve as a basis for designing a possible post-2020 strategy for European judicial training.

The European Commission Staff Working Document on the Evaluation of the 2011 European judicial training strategy SWD(2019)381 is available below.

Results of the consultation

To feed this evaluation, the European Commission launched a public consultation and a targeted consultation to gather interested parties’ views.

The factual summary of the replies to the public consultation is available on the consultation webpage of the Commission.

The replies to the public consultation and to the targeted consultation and their analysis are available below.

To complement its consultation work, the European Commission commissioned a study to help evaluate the European judicial training strategy. It was conducted by Deloitte and is available below.

European judicial training on the European e-Justice Portal

Visit the European judicial training pages of the European e-Justice Portal if you want to know more about the European judicial training policy and its actors.

Good training practices

If you want ready-to-use training materials on various topics of EU law and in good training practices, the e-Justice portal has factsheets describing good practices in training judges and prosecutors. The practices cover a wide range of topics, from training needs assessment to training delivery and evaluation.

Good training practices for legal practitioners

Financial support

Training activities are supported through grants. More information about EU financial support may be found here:


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