Mutual recognition of judgments

The European Union works to ensure that judgments from one EU country can be recognised and enforced in any other EU country.

Sending documents from one country to another

Rules for the transmission of documents from one EU country to another.

Mutual legal assistance and extradition

Mutual legal assistance and agreements on extradition between the EU and partners.

Taking of evidence in another EU country

Cooperation between EU countries on obtaining evidence in relation to criminal matters.

European arrest warrant

The European arrest warrant means faster and simpler procedures in extradition procedures.

Detention and transfer of prisoners

EU efforts to facilitate the transfer of prisoners back to their home countries to serve their sentences.

Confiscation and freezing of assets

Procedure and legislation regrading the confiscation and freezing of criminally-acquired assets.

Payment of fines

EU procedures to ensure penalties incurred abroad are collected.