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  • Anonyymi (Cameroon)
    22 August 2019 Non-EU citizen
    Anonyymi (Cameroon)

    Hello, When an individual endangers the peace of an EU member state, he/she is quickly arrested within the EU. I was scammed and made to transfer 250€ into an account in Italy. The German police can't do anything to have these people be brought to justice. Such scammers are many out there exploiting many. If arrested and the money forcefully recovered from the account, and the individuals charged, not only will it reduce such crime, their...

  • Corneliu Raileanu (Moldova)
    21 August 2019 EU citizen
    Corneliu Raileanu (Moldova)

    1) Working Time Directive does not comply with the principles of protecting the safety and health of workers as it does not create provisions for workers based on the industry they are part of. It actually makes provisions to certain categories of workers in Article 17 Derogations by giving a sense of extra flexibility to employers. It does not make any clear provisions in regards to overtime work as it is not defined in Article 2 Definitions....

  • Reederei NSB (Germany)
    20 August 2019 Company/business organisation
    Reederei NSB (Germany)

    This is about seeking unifying / standardizing employment standards for seafarers from / working in EU-Waters. Who / where in the EU-set up is there a person / office / body, that I can link up with, so that at least we will be working towards the right direction? - albeit waiting for legislature to come up to a Unified European Level ... I am responsible as technical manager for two jack up installation vessel operating in offshore wind....

  • Anonyymi (Slovenia)
    17 August 2019 EU citizen
    Anonyymi (Slovenia)

    SLOVENIA: JUDICIARY BRANCH: (EU surveys have proven that bribes are common). Develop color coded public website (heat map system, think of a Traffic lights) for all courts in Slovenia (or EU States). Example: From the day the case (especially when it comes to domestic violence, abuse of children, elderly, disabled) is filed in court to the verdict, process should be color coded. 0-6 months green, if it takes 7-12 months yellow, if it takes 12+...

  • Anonyymi (Slovenia)
    17 August 2019 EU citizen
    Anonyymi (Slovenia)

    SLOVENIA: EDUCATION: Children attending all levels of education should have the right to objective and holistic evaluation of their knowledge. When grading child's family environment and ability to pay for tutors should be taken into consideration. Rich have better grades. Grades in Slovenia are subject to: child's clothing (poverty), appearance, nationality, religion, ability to purchase/own smart phones.(I was told my law professor in ...

  • Anonyymi (Cyprus)
    3 August 2019 EU citizen
    Anonyymi (Cyprus)

    Dear Sir My name is Georgios Avraam and i would like to start a request/petition regarding correct sex identification of persons in hospitals. Background: The reason for this petition is a real-life situation that happened before few months. “A 32-year old man, was brought to the emergency department by his boyfriend with intermittent lower abdominal pain. The triage nurse assessed him to be a man with abdominal pain who had not taken his...

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