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Enhver, der indsender forslag, som ikke hører under REFIT-platformens mandat, får besked om det fra EU’s helpdesk Europe Direct.

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  • Cliff Goodman (United Kingdom)
    15 April 2019 EU citizen
    Cliff Goodman (United Kingdom)

    Animals used for scientific purposes are controlled by EU member states largly through the principles of 3RS (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement) this principle is referred to in Article 4 of Directive 2010?63/EU covering the protection of animals for scientific purposes. REACH, the system for controlling chemicals in Europe also refers to 3Rs. 3Rs was first described in 1959, the idea being that Replacement of animal based research should be...

  • Anonym (Ireland)
    15 April 2019 EU citizen
    Anonym (Ireland)

    [ Anyone who makes a commercial payment via a digital online bank (e.g. PayPal) should be identifiable to the other party, on request to the bank by this other party, if either are operating in or through or residing in an EU country or in the name of an entity operating in or through or residing in an EU country. ] Otherwise there is no limit to the number of scams and scammers that are allowed to attempt fraudulent transactions between...

  • Anonym (Italy)
    14 April 2019 EU citizen
    Anonym (Italy)

    I have a complaint about safety on board the plane. in the last three months I flew twice with the wizzair. in every flight, I saw at least one traveler use the mobile phone 4-5 minutes before landing. A traveler received a phone call lasting 15-20 seconds. Another traveler used chatting apps. These travelers simply are not interested in security, as well the crew on board is not interested in verifying and amending those who violate security....

  • Wilfred Hildonen (Finland)
    13 April 2019 EU citizen
    Wilfred Hildonen (Finland)

    I have come across something which clearly creates obstacles to the free movement within the EU/EEC. It concerns retirement and pensions. As I have turned 65 and 66 by now, I have reached the retirement age in Finland, where I reside and of which I’m a citizen. I continue to work as a freelancer, however, but discovered that this has no effect on my pension, which I’m entitled to receive. This may vary from country to country, but I think that...

  • Jordan Winehouse (United Kingdom)
    12 April 2019 Non-EU citizen Svar fra Europa-Kommissionen
    Jordan Winehouse (United Kingdom)

    Delete Articles 17 and 11. I feel as though these articles would affect a lot of people and websites if they came into law.

  • Anonym (Belgium)
    12 April 2019 EU citizen
    Anonym (Belgium)

    I would like to propose a general tax cut on environmentally friendly products, eventually compensated by a tax raise for non-durable products. One clear win would be to lower tax rates on bicycles. Clearly, life cycle analysis of products should be taken into account (so as to valuate the production of batteries for electric vehicles as well).

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