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Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL Amending Regulation (EU) No 1093/2010 establishing a European Supervisory Authority (European Banking Authority); Regulation (EU) No 1094/2010 establishing a European Supervisory Authority (European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority); Regulation (EU) No 1095/2010 establishing a European Supervisory Authority (European Securities and Markets Authority); Regulation (EU) No 345/2013 on European venture capital funds; Regulation (EU) No 346/2013 on European social entrepreneurship funds; Regulation (EU) No 600/2014 on markets in financial instruments; Regulation (EU) 2015/760 on European long-term investment funds; Regulation (EU) 2016/1011 on indices used as benchmarks in financial instruments and financial contracts or to measure the performance of investment funds; and Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 on the prospectus to be published when securities are offered to the public or admitted to trading on a regulated market

Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union
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20 September 2017 - 23 January 2018
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Recent feedback

  • Amundi (France)
    11 December 2017 Company/business organisation

    Amundi (France)

    Amundi, a leading asset manager, summarises its opinion on the proposed regulations concerning the review of ESAs as follows and joins a more detailed report : -on the financing of ESAs : the current 40/60 split between EC budget and other sources is the only guarantee that a strict budget control at EC level be implemented; we consider that suppressing such a control on the total of the ESAs budget is dangerous (indirectly the end of the...

  • Managed Funds Association (United States)
    7 December 2017 Business association

    Managed Funds Association (United States)

    Managed Funds Association (“MFA”) appreciates the opportunity to provide comments in response to the European Commission’s (the “Commission”) proposed regulation to amend various European regulations establishing European Supervisory Authorities (“ESAs”). While the proposed regulation covers a wide range of issues with respect to the various ESAs, our comments are narrowly focused on a few specific provisions in the proposed regulation that...

  • ALFI (Luxembourg)
    5 December 2017 Business association

    ALFI (Luxembourg)

    ALFI is of the view that any change to the current regulatory framework of the European asset management industry should focus on the needs and best interests of investors in order to provide safe, high quality investment products and access to best-in-class professional investment management expertise and related services coupled with strict oversight. ALFI regrets that, in its Consultation on the Operations of the ESAs in spring 2017, the...

  • International Capital Market Association (United Kingdom)
    4 December 2017 Company/business organisation

    International Capital Market Association (United Kingdom)

    Dear Sirs Please see attached feedback from the primary market constituency of the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) on the proposed amendments to Regulation 2017/1129 on the prospectus to be published when securities are offered to the public or admitted to trading on a regulated market (the Prospectus Regulation), pursuant to the Review of the European Supervisory Authorities. ICMA’s European Transparency Register number is...

  • BVI (Germany)
    30 November 2017 Business association

    BVI (Germany)

    BVI’s position on the Commission’s proposal for reforming the European System of Financial Supervision Against the backdrop of advancing financial integration in the EU, itself facilitated further by the ongoing CMU initiative, effective supervisory coordination is needed. By promoting supervisory convergence and providing solutions to cross-border issues, the ESAs are at the heart of further endeavours to deepen integration of the financial...

  • European Savings and Retail Banking Group (Belgium)
    17 November 2017 Business association

    European Savings and Retail Banking Group (Belgium)

    ESBG welcomes the opportunity given by the European Commission to give feedback on its proposals to review the European Supervisory Authorities and other legislative texts. As a whole, we believe that there are both positive and negative changes being proposed – however, we are surprised that the entire financial industry has been ignored by including in the proposal that the industry should fund the ESAs’ work. Please find set out below some...

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