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Home affairs, Migration and asylum
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Proposal for a directive

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Proposal for a directive
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13 September 2017 - 01 January 2018 (midnight Brussels time)
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  • Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Division Bank and Insurance (Austria)
    7 November 2017 Business association
    Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Division Bank and Insurance (Austria)

    After reviewing the proposal we have come to the conclusion that we do not see increased responsibilities for banks relating to the proposal. One might however note that concerning the reporting of such incidents the vague wording in this context might lead to an enhancement of incident reporting for banks. For a successful monitoring of financial crimes data sharing must be enhanced • Although Austrian banks fully adhere to and support the...

  • JC Wandemberg (Italy)
    10 October 2017 EU citizen
    JC Wandemberg (Italy)

    Highly commendable initiative. With technologies such as Blockchain fraud and corruption can be fought head on! Please Keep uP the great work!

  • Juan Gustavo GONZALEZ BATISTA (Spain)
    8 Octubre 2017 EU citizen
    Juan Gustavo GONZALEZ BATISTA (Spain)

    Me parace intersante,pero el fraude quin lo apoya son los bancos y quin los hace son los muy ricos y las grandes empresas. Con un banco central europeo tan nuevo como no se vigila las trancaciones de las grandes empresas y de los bancos entre paises europeos y fuera de el.Los plazos de fiscalizacion de los bancos tiene que ser diario y vigilar las grandes tranzaciones. Fiscalizar los dieneros virtuales en direccion hacia bancos fuera de europa...

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